Brush Cow Needle Thread


Tropical Contemporary presents "BRUSH COW NEEDLE THREAD" an exhibition by artists Milla Oliveira and Rachel Stallings. This exhibition will be open for the month of February with gallery hours on Saturday 1-4pm beginning on February 2nd. The closing reception will be on Saturday, February 23rd from 4-6pm.

"BRUSH COW NEEDLE THREAD" presents the most recent themes in the works of Milla Oliveira and Rachel Stallings - heritage, story-telling, tradition and material play. Their work embraces various mediums, including painting, sculpture, movement, collage, and textiles. These production approaches serve as conduits through which the artists connect with and celebrate memories - memories that live and breathe but can be hard to perceive, articulate, and understand.

Both artists connect to inherited material through process. They touch emotional markers, technique, and dialogue that may not be their own but still pass through them into the world. Oliveira seeks out inherited material with the body and senses - the DNA of her being, her history, and her future. Stallings calls on conversations with her abuelitas (grandmothers) and the skills they developed into expertise with a range of materials and applications.

brush cow needle thread map-1.jpg