Radical Otherness

Radical otherness_alex3_2.jpg

Tropical Contemporary's upcoming one night only exhibition with artists Natalie Wood, Alexander Wurts and Aaron Bjork opens Saturday, September 23rd (6–8 p.m.)


Artists Natalie Wood, Alexander Wurts and Aaron Bjork undertake a collaborative investigation into the ideas of perception and reality. Sleight of hand, special effects, fortune telling, fake news, voodoo. All share characteristics of believability based on the position of the viewer. When the perspective changes, the gags fall apart. We are seeking out less obvious forms of illusion and asking if they can be found in other disparate topics such as shopping malls, industrial vacuuming, or looping gifs. What are the moments of fantasy and when (if ever) does the wool fall off our eyes? Such questions bring up Lacan’s work dealing with The Imaginary, The Symbolic & The Real. Perhaps the way we encounter the world is just a hallucination. How much of our perception is what Lacan called objet petit a, or unattainable object of desire?