One Night Only:  Friday, April 1st, 2016. Kesey Square, Eugene OR

We are in a time of unprecedented freedom in form, style, and mediums of art. Experiences are taking the place of objects. No longer do people want to view art from the confines of the expected mannerisms of a large museum or upscale gallery. International Art Fairs bring large crowds with aspirations to purchase the next big thing from the next big artist. But who’s speaking up for the little guy? Is the smog of smugness blurring your innate love for painting? Does the putrid smell of pretension keep you from enjoying Jeff Koons or Damien Hurst? Do the astronomical prices of contemporary art make you gag? 


Deals! Deals! Deals! will entice, allure, and awe in just the same way as any Biennial would with one major difference: price. Our boiled down hopes and dreams have been commodified into products you can purchase for $20 or less! We’ve miniaturized and multiplied our art practices and sold out to the lowest bidder!

Over the past six months, Tropical Contemporary has been a tour de force of emerging artists in Eugene. Functioning out of living rooms and unoccupied office buildings, Tropical seeks to carve a niche for contemporary art events in the PNW. As a nomadic art collective we’re creating a sustainable model both socially and economically for making and showing work outside of art institutions. 


Come engage with art outside of a gallery,  and you’ll leave with an unforgettable experience. For one night only, aboard our 26-foot art truck, you will be to able view, purchase, and experience one of a kind contemporary art! Not to mention, raffles, games, and fun for the entire contemporary art loving family.