One night only! Friday, November 6th 2015 at 6pm. 945 Olive, Eugene OR - Upstairs.

Tropical Contemporary, in partnership with Eugene Contemporary Art, is ecstatic to announce Teenybopper. This is Tropical Contemporary's first exhibition, with the help of Eugene Contemporary Art. This show presents a diverse range of video, painting, drawing, and sculpture.

A Teenybopper is a young girl who follows Pop Music to distract herself from the dullness of school and authority. For artists making work, following art idols is our own way to distract ourselves from the numbing and sometimes overwhelming world we attempt to survive in. The coming of age journey from teenagedom to adulthood is one we’re told ends at successful adultness. The implication of adultness as being emotionally and socially more stable is a fantasy for most.

This show encompasses a threshold moment an evolution from amateur to professional. The work in this show reflects that change, but acknowledges the apathy and anxiety that accompanies the shifting sands of artistic adulthood.

Featuring work by:

Lee Ashina

Jonathan Bagby

Farhad Barham

Willie Boswick

Matt Christy

Alex Krajkowski

Daniel P Lopez

Anne Margratten

Joe Moore

Andrew Oslovar

Jovencio De La Paz

Jam Tolles

Jessie Rose Valla