Tropical Contemporary and City of Eugene Cultural Services present "Finding the Light", a part of our "Rain Magic" programming, is a performance inspired by light, rain, and transformation presented at dusk. Come see the story unfold on January 30th and 31st from 5-6pm!

During the darkest season we react emotionally, physically, and psychically to our environment, often brought into deep reflection by the puddles below us. Mirroring the first stories ever told, we create a narrative utilizing our surroundings, as well as elements of contemporary dance and long-form storytelling through movement. The story we’re telling, of course, is the changing of the seasons, from Fall into Winter, and finally giving way to the light of Spring. Our bodies as metaphors give visual voice to the ever-encroaching darkness surrendering to the light. The visionaries before us who saw the light return knew that the world would continue spinning around the sun, ushering in the potential for new life, growth, and transformation.

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Come see the story unfold:

Wednesday January 30th from 5-6pm in Kesey Square

Thursday January 31st from 5-6pm in Kesey Square

Wednesday March 20th from 6-7pm roaming between Eugene Downtown Library and Kesey Square

Thursday March 21st from 6-7pm at the Eugene Downtown Library