Never Feels Like a Future


Never Feels Like A Future is a two-person, site-specific installation of objects suspended in moments of not knowing. Through varied means of placement, alteration and arrangement, both artists create spaces of stillness and presence. The work invites reflection on our relationship to the world within a system of things that are not simply things but containers for the fantasies and aspirations we hold; for late-capitalist promises of life adding up to something, and evidence of promises unfulfilled.

Noah Greene (b. 1984) lives in rural Lane County.
In conversation with the space it inhabits, his work reflects a bleak and peripheral America, a fragile depth in the mundane.

Eugene-based artist Stephanie Parnes (b. 1984) works across fields of sculpture, drawing and photography. Through objects and images she creates non-linear narratives that grapple with uncertainty and precarious embodiment within the present.

Opening Reception Friday Oct. 18 6-9pm
Additional hours Saturdays Oct 19 & 26 from 1-4pm