Narrowly Mended

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Tropical Contemporary presents, Narrowly Mended: a craftivism event that is a response to the current political and moral climate. We invite the public of Eugene to make fabric patches in the spirit of protest and visibility. On September 8th at 1-4pm in Kesey Square, we will assemble these patches together into a community quilt.

Sewing and Crafts have a history and tradition in activism. For this project, we are inspired by past work that merges craft and activism such as the Suffragette movement and Women's March, the Aids Memorial Quilt, and more! Our goal is to adopt these strategies and apply them to our community and our concerns.

General Guidelines:

-Patches can range in size. You decide if you want to make something the size of a small book or as large as a poster

-We are encouraging folks to premake their patches but materials will be provided at the Kesey Square event for last minute inspiration

-Please be aware that this a public facing project which welcomes conversation and intersectional ideologies and will hopefully avoid alienating participants.

-All skill levels WELCOME!

The following prompts are optional and only meant to inspire:

1 How does your identity shape your experience of the world? Of Eugene?

2 What happens to a community when there is an absence of leadership and activism?

3 How do you call your bannerfolk to your side? How do you energize your allies?

4 What will you be shouting when you lose your voice?

5 Can you draw a circle around the unmet needs you can see? Can you define a lack in our community?

6 If you had the opportunity to sit down with an intolerant person in our community, what picture would you paint them? What words would you say?

7 Is there a person or organization in our community that is doing good work? How can you honor them and their contributions?

This project is generously supported by the Downtown Program Fund, the Calligram Foundation, Andy Warhol Foundation, and the Precipice Fund.