Tropical Contemporary and Eugene Cultural Services present “Snorkel Safari” an interactive performance drawing inspiration from all things ocean! Come experience “Snorkel Safari” on January 29th and 31st from 12-1 pm in Kesey Square!

Wet and damp; this is Eugene in the rainy season. Most of the time we’re all just moist, practically living underwater! Well, why not embrace it? What if Eugene was actually a big aquarium? All of us people going about our daily business, errands, groceries, work, just like fish in the ocean! Our amazing underwater viewing box turns the mundane into the extraordinary! And our tour guides will show you all the sweet spots and exciting events! Thinking Blue Planet except instead of on your screen narrated by David Attenborough, out and about curated by our clown scientists! From feeding frenzies to barnacles, there’s a scene ready to be transformed! Why not let your imagination run wild, and come have an undersea adventure in the rain!

“Snorkel Safari” is a part of our “Rain Magic” series and is recurring. Additional dates are to be announced.