Tropical Contemporary and The Envelope present: "Trickster" a group exhibition featuring the work of artists from the collective Tropical Contemporary: Jam Jessie Allison, Jonathan Bagby, Andrew Douglas Campbell, Maddison Colvin, Laura King, Anne Magratten, Jojo Ruby, and M Earl Williams.

The role of the trickster is that of a mirror, revealing society’s current threshold of tolerance. Depending on context, the deviant nature of a trickster could be seen as a devilish, comic relief, or even the darling of “high” culture. We inherit ‘deviant’ status by way of identity or circumstance (lgbtq+, femme, disability, kink, polyamory, being poor, and heck even being an environmentalist these days... ) This deviant status is further aggravated by stereotypes and media coverage. Our spaces, traditions, and identities are blanched of their former associations through media, commodified and then sold back to us at inflated prices. How do we define deviance once society became a caricature of itself through media? What is a trickster left to do?

Join us Thursday September 20th 6-9pm at 5430 N Mississippi Ave in Portland, OR for the opening reception. Open hours will be on September 21st-23rd from 12pm to 4pm.

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